Buying a New Bat: What You Need to Know

While there’s a vast number of baseball and softball equipment and supplies to consider buying, there’s nothing that puts a smile on the face of your Little Leaguer quite like a brand new bat. Below is some bat buying advice and resources, but the first step is to determine whether or not your Little Leaguer actually needs a new bat. Now is the time to inspect his/her bat that was used during the season. Look for dings, dents, and cracks, as well as damaged end caps and loose knobs. Also determine whether you feel your Little Leaguer has advanced enough to properly handle a longer or heavier bat.

Each bat manufacturer has its own colors and styles, but the look of the bat is much less important than the feel of the bat in the player’s hands. Weight and length directly influence a child’s ability to swing correctly, and make contact with the ball.

“Picking the right bat for a player is all about the experience,” said Calin Thomas, Director of Sports Marketing for Easton-Bell Sports. “Whenever possible, parents and their young players should visit a retailer or a batting cage to swing or hit with a variety of bats. The right bat is about comfort level.”

While choosing the correct bat is certainly a personal decision, there are helpful guidelines. When shopping, use a chart which can assist in determining the suggested bat length based on a player’s height and weight.

To help choose the perfect bat for your young player, visit our online resource page complete with the latest bat information, including a definition of bat terms, and frequently asked questions.

Once you have the new bat, the fun is just beginning. Work with your Little Leaguer on hitting fundamentals so they get comfortable with it in time for the upcoming season.